An incomparable desert escape

Located 100 kilometers southwest of Cairo, Fayoum, the oldest city in Egypt, is a fascinating oasis set on the historic Lake Qarun. Founded in 4000 BC, Fayoum has experienced a long and rich history beginning with the Ancient Egyptians. For the Pharaohs, Fayoum was a reservoir where excess water from the Nile River was conserved and later drained via depression to irrigate nearby lands. Thus, Fayoum was, and still is to this day, the most fertile land in Egypt having attracted inhabitants from Ancient Greek, Roman and Islamic cultures to its abundant agriculture and exceptional climate.

Fayoum is a one hour car ride from Cairo and can also be reached via train or bus. Please contact our Guest Services to learn more about transportation offers and options.


Bird Watching Paradise

Along with the remnants of Ancient Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Islamic life scattered across the oasis, Fayoum is a bird watching paradise.

Each year, between October and April, over 30 species of birds including flamingos, swallows, doves and larks, flock to Fayoum for its delicious vegetation and beautiful Lake Qarun shores.


Lazib Inn Resort & Spa has made its home in Fayoum’s famous Tunis Village.

Offering a lively art scene including pottery schools and shops, arts centers and locally made handicrafts, Tunis Village is best explored on foot and is an absolute dream for artists, painters and writers. Whether embarking on a discovery of magnificent Fayoum or simply escaping from the bustling chaos of city-life, Lazib Inn Resort & Spa is the perfect base to truly experience one of Egypt’s most magical cities.

Activities and excursions throughout Fayoum can easily be arranged and reserved through Guest Services. 

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